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The IYT® International Grandmaster nomination period ends today

The IYT® International Grandmaster nomination period ends today. These nine IYT® International Grandmasters are kindly nominated by the IYO® International Yoga Organisation. These individuals have demonstrated exceptional skill, knowledge, and dedication to the practice of Yoga.

They have not only mastered the physical postures but also embody the true essence of Yoga through their mindfulness, compassion, and commitment to self-improvement. The IYO® International Yoga Organisation recognizes their outstanding contributions to the Yoga community and has nominated them for the prestigious title of IYT® International Grandmaster.

The IYO® International Yoga Organisation is a globally recognized authority in the field of Yoga. It is known for its rigorous standards and commitment to promoting the authentic practice of Yoga, IYT® courses, IYT® certifications, and IYS® registrations. The organization brings together Yoga practitioners, teachers, and scholars from around the world to share knowledge, collaborate on research, and establish best practices.

The IYO® International Yoga Organisation's nomination of these individuals for the IYT® International Grandmaster title is a testament to their exceptional achievements and their contributions to the global Yoga community.


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