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The Secrets of seven chakras and kundalini

IYT® Grandmaster Manas Rajrishi's book, The Secrets of Seven Chakras & Kundalini, This book contains age-old Indian scientific knowledge.

The chakras which consume maximum energy of the body come under the Chakra Shakti Kshetra. In other words, we can understand that all the organs found under Muladhara Chakra till Anahata Chakra provide energy for the body's functions, hence all these chakras are under Shakti Kshetra.

Often we think that awakening of the chakra is enough but it is not so. With the awakening of all the chakras, a human being can become powerful and become a great, but if he uses his energy in a harmful path instead of a beneficial path, then it can also prove to be harmful for the world. Like Kansa being very strong was due to the energy of his awakened chakras but his path was prohibited and Krishna being very strong was due to his awakened chakras but his path was beneficial. In the same way we can see Ram-Ravana or Osama-Obama

This can be understood from the minus and plus signs in the table below. The energy centers of any person are initially devoid of charge of wealth or debt, but as life progresses, the direction of the person's actions charges him with wealth or debt.

Example - You chose the west direction for the journey and you went out of the house on foot, when you traveled one kilometer you realized that you have chosen the wrong route, the correct route is towards the east from the house. You can easily change the route after 1 kilometer, but if you realize the right route after walking 5 kilometers then you will have to have more courage to change the route, but if you have traveled 50 kilometers then you will have to change the route.

You may or may not have the courage. But if you have traveled 250 kilometers and you realize that the route is in the opposite direction, then the decision to change the route back in the opposite direction will be possible only 1% of the time. The remaining 99%, you can abandon the idea of changing routes.


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