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IYT®-International Yoga Teacher Affiliation Certification Courses



IYT®-International Yoga Teacher courses are an excellent way to advance your knowledge and expertise in the field of yoga. The courses are affiliated with the IYO® International Yoga Organisation, which means that you can be assured of their quality and standards. These courses are run by registered IYS®-International Yoga Schools, which ensures that you receive the best possible training and education. Upon completion of the IYT®-International Yoga Teacher course, the students will receive certification from the IYO® International Yoga Organisation. This certification will demonstrate your proficiency and competence as an IYT®-International Yoga Teacher and will help the students gain recognition and credibility in the field of Yoga. As an IYT®-International Yoga Teacher, the students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to teach Yoga to individuals and groups of all levels and to adapt their teaching to meet the specific needs and goals of each student. The student will also have access to ongoing support and resources from the IYO® International Yoga Organisation, including continuing education opportunities and networking events. Overall, the IYT®-International Yoga Teacher courses offer an excellent opportunity for aspiring and experienced IYT®-International Yoga Teachers alike to enhance their skills, expertise, and career prospects in the field of Yoga.

IYT®-International Yoga Teacher Affiliation Certification

IYT®-International Yoga Teacher 50 hours

IYT®-International Yoga Teacher 100 hours

IYT®-International Yoga Teacher 200 hours

IYT®-International Yoga Teacher 300 hours

IYT® Diploma Programme in Yoga

IYT®-International Yoga Teacher 500 hours

IYT®-International Aerial Yoga Teacher

IYT®-International Wheel Yoga Teacher

IYT®-International Face Yoga Teacher

IYT®-International Chair Yoga Teacher

IYT®-International Yoga Chakra Analysis and Balancing Teacher

IYT®-International Meditation Teacher

IYT®-International Yoga Teacher Prenatal/Post-Natal

IYT®Ayurveda & Yoga Awareness Programme

IYT®Naturopathy Therapist 300 hours

IYT®Naturopathy Consultant 500 hours

IYT® International Yoga Therapist 500 Hours

IYT® International Pranayam Yoga Teacher

IYT® International Nutritionist

IYT®-International Massage Therapist

IYT®-International Sound Therapy Teacher

IYT®-International Yogic Science Teacher 500hours

EIYT®-Experienced International Yoga Teacher 1500 hours

IYT® International Foundation Nutrition Teacher

IYT® International Nutrition Consultant Teacher

IYT® Diploma in Medical Yoga Therapy 200 hours

IYT® Advance Diploma in Medical Yoga Therapy 100 hours

IYT® Diploma in Spiritual Healing 100 hours

IYT® Flower Remedy 100 hours

IYT® Nabhi Santulan 100 hours

IYT® Detoxification 100 hours

IYT® Medical Yoga 500 hours

IYT® Diploma in Alternative Medicines 300 hours

IYT®Diploma In Alternative Medicine Therapy 300 hours

IYT®International Yoggarba Teacher 30 hours

IYT®International Acupressure Teacher

IYT® International Yoga Anatomy Teacher

IYO® Alternative Medicine Practitioner

PG IYT® Diploma Programme in Yoga

IYT® International Medical Yoga Therapist

IYT® International Advance Medical Yoga Therapist

IYT® International Panch Kosha Meditation Teacher

IYT® International Acne Teacher

IYO®Cosmetic Surgery Alternatives


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